On behalf of Gerard, Deryck, Janet & myself, we would like to welcome each and
everyone of you for visiting our website to celebrate the life of
our father, Brewster “Bruce” Chin.

– Rachel Chin –

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written and presented by Gerard Chin

Good Morning and thank you all for being here to join us in celebrating our Father’s Life. Our father lived a life so rich with experiences, that most people would envy. He got to experience the world through travel with his work and with his family on vacations. During his 9 decades of long life, he would have many milestones. His life saw him twice married and twice widowed, very difficult and sad periods, yet he was lucky enough to have been loved twice by 2 wonderful spouses. Their Union of these marriages resulted in 3 children. Gerard (son of Molly and Bruce), and Deryck and Rachel (children of Lena and Bruce).

Bruce was born in 1930 in Port of Spain. He was the 6th of 8 children, Kelvin, Kenneth, Horace, Maureen, Barbara, William (Junior), and Cyril. He moved to Princess Town when his father was managing the Department Store Branches of JT Johnson in Princess Town and San Fernando. He was always full of stories of his life there with his family. It is during this time that his love of family would have been nurtured from the examples of loving, caring parents and close siblings. He looked up most of all to his oldest brother, Kelvin, as a role model.

Dad came to Port of Spain in his early 20’s to stay with Kelvin and his family. Kelvin was the springboard to living the ‘town’ life. Kelvin was the family hub and everyone would be there for family gatherings.

During this time, many of you probably did not know that he bought a motorbike after winning the full card of races at the Queens Park Savannah. Probably the only time he ever placed a bet for himself whilst placing bets for his friends.

When we moved to Andalusia, Maraval, our home became the family hub. Our family home hosted Christmas Days, Old Years Nights, Birthdays, Sunday Lunches, and even a Wedding with a live band.

He had a rewarding career at BeeWee where he built amazing relationships and lifelong friendships. He learned how to do and master accounting systems and would lead the group of employees in the Revenue Department. His support staff always seemed to be happy and had great respect for his leadership qualities. His career at BeeWee would allow him and his family to travel the destinations of the BeeWee Sunjet world and beyond. Our dad in the last few years would always talk about the Barbados vacations, travelling to Canada, across the Mid-West of the USA, and to the UK and Europe.

Our mom, Lena, and our dad always made sure that we knew how important family and friends were, and this played out in our family trips. We could have stayed in some of the nicest hotels, but always stayed with family and friends during these trips. Again, Family, Neighbors, and Friends were lifelong bonds of his.

Our dad would always reiterate how important it was have good values and being honest was important. I once broke a car window and instead of running away like most kids would do. I heard my dad in my head telling me to own up to what happened and be responsible. So I went to the house that I broke the car window and told the car oner what had happened and gave them my dad’s number and said that he would pay for it.

He was a devoted Catholic who would make sure that his family learnt about life through the word of God. He attended Sunday mass until Covid stopped him from venturing out in public.

He always emphasised education as a priority and would encourage us to follow the examples of our older cousins and to aspire to do our best at whatever we pursued. He was proud of his children’ successes when we all graduated from Higher Education.

As his family grew up and the kids left home, our mom and dad would settle into their routine as empty nesters and then plan trips to come visit us abroad. Trips to the US and Canada for graduations became trips for US Thanksgiving and Canadian Thanksgiving. Lots of Turkey and stuffing was to be had. My sister and I decided to stay abroad after completing our studies and made a go of living in Miami and Toronto respectively. Deryck moved back to Trinidad after graduation and started his own successful business. He lived with them in the family home and was able to help care for dad as he aged.

Dad’s retirement years were full of happy and joyful times with his friends such as his Maracas Limers and Monthly Lunch Gang.

When our mother passed away, I would say that for the 1st 7 years, he became somewhat withdrawn and kept to himself. I can only imagine how he must have felt. She was perhaps the most important person in his life, and having lost one wife in his young days, he must have been wondering why it had to happen again. By the time he was 80, he seemed to be more willing to engage socially with his peers again. He even travelled up to Canada to visit me.

His more senior years would prove to be very challenging as he suffered from Glaucoma and would eventually lose his eyesight. And yet again, he would have to adapt and meet this challenge head on. The fact that he was able to learn to manoeuvre around his house without his sight and do this so proficiently that he would have an exercise circuit through the primary rooms of his house and do 9-12 laps daily…WOW!

Last July, we had placed some cameras in the public spaces of the house to monitor his movements in case something happened to him. What I witnessed was that he was able to do so much on his own.

It was so Amazing that he was able to maintain his independence in his house up till March 13th.

The last time we saw him on the remote cameras was the last time he would leave the house. I know he is happily reunited with his wives Molly and Lena as well as his siblings and that his sight has been restored. He can see clearly now.

In one of his last conversations with me, he held my hand firmly and said, we are family! You all must stick together! I told him that we will work at sticking together. He showed us all that relationships must be worked at to be successful.

Rest in Peace Dad. We Love You!

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    Uncle, you are the best Uncle a niece could ever want! As Gerard mentioned U Bruce lived with us both in Woodbrook and La Puerta. Yes I got a ride on that motor bike around the block in Woodbrook with Uncle Bruce. My father never knew. He was fun, thoughtful and loved. He was a second Dad to me. May you rest in peace.


    7 months ago

    Miss you Uncle Bruce. Rest in eternal peace.


    7 months ago